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Casual Hoodie Review

i blogged about my first impression and posted a 
Tidestore Wish List Here: 

Today lets go Sort of Rock - Punk, Goth, or Visual Kei
Whatever you want to call it. The important thing its

Dark Fashion Hour

 Package all the way from GuangZhou, China
its exciting to get packages from different countries
i got from Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore,
China, Taiwan, Germany, USA. OMG! i just Realized!

i bought this one because i thought it was cool and its winter soon,
and do i have to mention that Black is my color hehe

Well...some of my friends are complaining that i should try different colors and even kawaii dresses, lolita and all that. Yellow, Brighter colors? i might faint ahahaha!

Style 1 OPEN with collar - Rock Star

Style 2 CLOSED - jäger

Cotton Jacket Link

My Style - OOTD jäger

Style 1

Style 2

lol i was putting my bag down
i think its time to color my hair evenly

My Hoodie Patootie, Blush and Contour Overload haha!

The Clothing

 its affordable
 i love my hoodie doodie
 More than one way to wear it
 Got loads of compliments hehe
 Comfortable. The material was better than i expected

 i can't think of any 
Though its a thick cotton fabric so i look baggy hehe but jackets do that so...yah :P

Size         L 
Quality    Cotton
Made in   China
Price       $17.19 USD

im size M internationally but China Size is smaller so i got L

Delivery Time
Arrived after 1 week and 4 days from date of order
i was happy about how it didn't take a whole month to arrive

it looks so damn cool and i love how its comfortable and nice in person.
Maybe next time i should try Leather jackets..wink wink!

The Shop

Why Do i Love this Shop?
 Affordable Prices
 Friendly Staff and Easy to talk to
 Fast Shipping (really depends on your country customs too)
 Loads of items from Korean Clothing Styles, Shoes, Accessories, Coats!

Will i repurchase?
Sure thing! Love the Tops, Bags, and Shoes!

Discounts and more! i even have a $5 coupon, so i might buy something next time.
Would buy everything except for the jewelry section, they don't have what i like there but they have loads of accessories!


Check them out!

 Thanks for Dropping by
All comments are appreciated

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Skin Care | TONYMOLY Panda's Dream So Cool Eye Stick Review

Post #605 TONY MOLY 
Panda's Dream So Cool Eye Stick Review

Hi Dollies

Yall know how most of us are suckers for kawaii packaging, right!?
and PANDA? ahahaha! of course ill get one! $$$~

South korea is so evil....i must say! Very effective marketing! 

im just puzzled on why Korea have more cute makeup packaging than Japan.
Japan still have some cute makeup packaging but not as much.

i bought this a long time ago, around last week of May...yah its been that long.
i use it every morning (makeup free) i tried using it before applying my foundation but it just caked my eye-bags, so i only use it alone.

How can you not buy this?!


Obviously someone loves pandas! hahaha!

the product color is sky blue, although looks like mint in this photo
smells fresh! sort of green tea hint for me

♠ Travel friendly
♠ Has a cap so its hygienic
♠ Packaging! need i say more
♠ it does cool my eyes, i feel better after using it

Not Loving
♠ does not do anything aside from cooling my eyes
♠ the price is not student friendly 498 Php / $11 more or less
♠ kind of hard to take off and put on the cap again, and what if it gets lost?

Over All
i expected it to have an instant and strong effect since its commercialized as panda, and pandas have heck of black eye-bags which we all know not literally eye-bags but fur, but to think they advertised it this way i thought it was going to be mega effective for my eye-bags. Which my friends claim i do not have, but i do! However the packaging says its to cool your tired eyes. Does not say its for eye-bags. So it does its job!

Will i repurchase?
Nope. its enough to have one, i bought it because its cute.
i can buy something 1/3 the price of this one that actually has cool roll on for massaging, and brightens the eyes a bit, with lemon extract.

 Thank You so much  for Dropping by
All comments are appreciated

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Fashion | Ericdress Cyber Monday Deals

Hi Dollies

i stumbled upon this site, and of course i added some to my favorites!

Ericdress site have everything from wedding dresses, bridesmaids, 
casual dresses, coats, bags, shoes, accessories, name it! They have it!

Short introduction about the site: provides hundreds of dedicated dresses for global buyers. Our buyers are from the US, Europe, Australia and Asia–totaling to over 230 countries worldwide. We also boast over 10 million product listings from our factory. On, international buyers can purchase a wide range of products at very low prices.

My theme today is

i was looking for a dress that i can wear during winter, long-sleeves, cute, cotton, and perfect for an ala Studio Ghibli Kiki's Delivery Service - Winter Edition.

The next one is a really cute black coat, perfect for the dark aura
Can be used both for fall and winter but i suggest winter, fall is like
more brownish, reddish colors. i think its its pretty and stylish, 
you could wear this in France right? :P

i really like this bag
They have lots of bags from classic, hands bags, shoulder bags,
cute bags, and more! i need to check more items on this site!

if you are more into other styles, like korean cute styles, or formal dresses,
party dresses, or even slightly harajuku you can find some on this site

Check them out!

 Thank You so much  for Dropping by

All comments are appreciated

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