Gulf Coast Oil Spill and the trees of manila

im just always concerned about the nature,
when i saw the pictures of the animals on yahoo which suffered from the oil spill,
it thought.."how selfish humans can get?" doing all they can do to get what they want, not thinking of the eco system...if someday this earth wouldnt be green anymore, it wouldnt surprise me :(

but there is hope, people like me are out there, on action! planting trees, rescuing animals, and such..

i keep on noticing how the trees of makati are different from my village,
Makati trees bark are darker that the usual, its like blackish..poor trees, polluted by the cars..
were just treating the trees like they are nothing, they are pushed to take all the pollution from the cars, vans, buses, jeepneys, all the smoke..poor things.

they are helping us in a lot of ways without trees, Makati air will be a disaster for your health.

pls help mother earth :)
do anything to help our home
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