Beelzebub the most awaiting! / Aloida Quits Cosplay!?

Beelzebub finally this 27th released the 10th episode, its been literally two weeks, last episode rolled like march 6th. it got moved due to the Natural Disaster incident in Japan, and there has been some news going around that the producer is Missing after the tsunami happened. but of course i dont if its true!

BUT HEY! FINALLY!!! hmp! a filler episode?! O_O well better than nothing hehe...(demanding)

--UPDATE! MAY 16, 2011--
ughhh this is driving all fans crazy! seriously wth happened to this anime!? its like a gag now and all fillers and nuts! where is the fights and seriousness? saiiiyakooo neeh..

Aloida Gosiengfiao annouced she is quitting cosplay so that she could go back to school? i though she finished school? oh she did finish, maybe a master degree? and wait! i was surprised shes like the same age as me, shes six months older than i am..

Anyway, good decision! you can always do cosplay after you study. Its much better if you study while your young ;)

i am not a big fan of her but i love some of the cosplay stuff she did =D

P.S.-Happy Fools Day hehe it aint true ;)

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