Japan Tsunami March 11, 2011 and Arab on Riot

Islamic Kingdoms on Riot
Egypt, Libya, Bahrain, Saudi, Yeman, (im not so sure about the rest)

Tsunami and Earth Quakes
Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Haiti, etc.

Man..what a Disaster, even in the place im staying which is Philippines, its on Tsunami alert yesterday March 11, 2011.

The thing is Japan was so not prepared, they didnt knew it was coming!
but they know what to do, death rate wont be as bad in what happened in the past.

People on Facebook are overacting, even sending on Chat to many people to Pray, yes we will pray but to say that there is 6,000 already dead?! and the news just said its just 32 at that moment last night. Now its 1,000 i think, according to Yahoo News.

And some people were like ITS THE END 2012 IS COMING!
come on! wth are u saying, people in the past have gone through much worse disasters and wars than whats going on in Japan and Arabs right now. They survived! Thats why we are all here today.

Prayers for Japan and Arab, of course Philippines, and Saudi.

to mother earth, peace and unity...

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