Manila Ocean Park (2)

My 2nd time around in this park, December 2010

Last year when i visited the park it was done but the other stuffs like the Hotels, Bars, Musical Fountain, Night life bar, and other marine show, and New "illusion Park" were not there yet and in the making ;)

I was sort of confused with the Entrance coz last year there wasnt any HUGE wall divider, and also so many little sari-sari stands/shop stands on the side.

Bungee-Jumping and people taking pictures w/ a lobster and star fishes of the Musical Fountain Show. as well as Catering event inside the hall, and an IBM event i think in the Night Life Bar.

we arrived like 6pm, too bad the Jelly Fish Aquarium area is main reason why i visited again was the Jelly Fish/Kurage
too much watching "Kurage Hime" anime series lolz hehe

I enjoyed the Musical Fountain, and seeing the fishes again, and woah! they did got bigger awww...they were kinda tiny last year, all grown up now ahahaha!

You will think its kinda raining if you were outside the gates of the venue, due to the fountain water pressure.

well at first it was Cheezy, you could tell that the targeted the kids in their marketing strategy.
theres a lazer fish who will tell the rules while beating up a lazer monster, and the audience can help by waving >.> sheesh hehe =p

Dancing Starfishes were kinda cheesy too but cool ;D
oh "Flight of the bumble bee" my fave tone! aha! oh now i see...a lobster and a cook chasing together lolz
the Ballerina Fishes were somewhat silly but ok hehe
Best Part Ever is the 3D on water show and Fire Breathing Machines!
I just loved the musical fountain and the fire!!! wooh! its very hot from where i sit, and to think that i am so far in the back hehe...FIRE!!!

My ticket was a package called Moon Light Adventure
Price is P500 pesos $11.52 US Dollars

Here is Their website where you can find different Promos (click the link below)


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