Red Crab Restaurant, Green Belt

Grilled Shrimp: really fresh and recommended! around P800 that plate above
Kare-Kare: delicious! more or less P300 (corrected: around P500 pesos daw according to Reny my friend)
Other dishes we ordered such as Spicy Shrimps were also good, price same as the kare-kare.

We didnt actually get to order crab coz one of my friends have allergy..
Ala Carte Crab, as huge as both of ur hands together O_O can cost P1,600 pesos per crab, they also sell regular size crab P160 per 100 grams, so one crab is like P700? not sure.

Desserts: Not so many, but there was a beautiful Cake on the dessert table
They also offer buffet P700 eat all you can: pansit, chicken, crab, etc.
but of course no Shrimp, and i wanted Shrimp so we didnt go for "eat all you can".

There is a white piano in the middle of the resto, we were there just in time for a father & son performance. the pianist was the father, the violinist and singer is the son. well..his dad did sing one song ;)

Love when they did "if i aint got you" and a new song, i forgot what it was


ambiance could been better if there was an actual tank hehe like 5 starts hotel lol
and i cant see any tanks so that people will realize what they serve it fresh
but i did see the Huge Crab O_O they bring it to customers to show how big is Crab Ala Carte, its like blinking dude..
Waiters are very friendly!
music is awesome!
food is yummy but more desserts pls ;D

Located at GreenBelt 3, 2nd floor, where all the restos are.
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