Star City 2011

Lots of rides been added, last visited it like 2004-2005? i cant remember, and i was just baby sitting my sisters that time...

This time im w/ my friends :D Just Last Month :)


Bumper Car (my stuff r like flying ahaha)

Ancors Away (i was bored and it showed, the Operator noticed it so he/she reeled it line sane, i screamed YAMETE KUDASAI! GOMENASAI!! lolz)

The Wave Dancer? (it was coolness!)

The Main Attraction on the Center i forgot the ride name but it was like 3sec of blank O_O

4D (sh*t! i sware this is the sickest ride physically ahaha! we were like bumping to each other and screaming like crazy, jen was like trying to touch the 3D. We didnt know that they have a screen outside BIG one! showing people inside the 4D room, we found out like later..we were like WTF! kaya pala naka ngiti lahat ng tao pg labas namin amps! nkkhiya amps!)

Spinning Wheel (too much headache!)

Pirates Boat Ride (yey! i saw john sparrow <3>

Horror House (we went inside 3 different horror house. Screaming like crazy ahaha!)

Basketball (Mike got all the goodies, Leopard for Jen yey!) Panda is way cute though <3

Wall Climbing (i wished i was not wearing pants and nde ako pasmado..FUN!)

Ferris Wheel (super 10 yrs b4 u can get out grrr!)

grilled Squid / Beef Stake tagalog style / Adobo Atay (all my faves)
melon drink, soda, water.
oh yah! 1ST TIME ITIK? did not like :(

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