TagayTay 2011 Philippines

TagalogXD crunchyroll moderators outing :)
Date: Feb 2011 Weekend

What did we do?

-BreakTalk Glorrieta
yum yum

driver niqs
hey i saw HULK! i swear i did! on the way it was so country-ish until HULK!!!
a bug green HULK statue out of place XD i loled big time..

P300-400 each? i cant recall
we toke the 2 way zipline
i dont wana do it again, no sir!

-Overlook Mt. Taal
cam whoring of course XD

-More Cam whoring!
over look at night at some place hehe

for dinner..the best! served hot on a cold weather! ;D

-StarBucks =D
coldness! we were outside, private place beside a bar :)
dang i swear that DOM and gurl yuck! ewe..

-Slow Motion
slow motion going to the car, all r tired na

-Sun Roof Top Trip
yah! on the way home we had a blast by putting our poor heads out of the car sun roof top lmao XD

tagalogXD rocks :D

Enjoying the view
yummy and cute cake
SB StarBucks not Score Board ok hehe
Dinner time at kubo (filipino little bamboo house)
Bulalo on the menu! (its a beef stew with lots of yumminess)
How lovely Mother Nature is!
the view

im about to do this..

hmmmm Zip Line huh


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