ANTM Cycle 16 Episode 6 (REVIEW)

America's Next Top Model - Cycle 16 / Episode 6

I thought Monique was bitchy at Ep 5, but man this is more worse! Haven't you picked up any trash in your entire life? I mean everyone else in the group is doing it and not compalining, ugh! such a brat...

She is beautiful, one of my fave when it comes to this batch, but attitude she and Alexandrea?
Shes worse! and people in youtube agree!

She even did a bitchy thing by passing up a fan.
fan guy named James? "can i kiss you?"
Monique: "No, but you can kiss Alexandrea!"
damn ms Jay was shocked child...

also not entertaining fans, shes like "UGH YOU PEOPLE SUCK!" in her head..

how rude ei?

Photoshoots she aint doing her best, shes just there and expects to get what she wants? just because she does get what she want all the time...brat! doesnt mean u will get the top model easily your ass!

Anyway loved Jacklyn hehe...shes so cute and fun. lovable, entertaining! sexy in pictures!

Episode 7 Preview...kinda shocked me!

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