Ao No Exorcist (Review)

New anime that i have been following =)
-nice anime drawing style
-story so far so good
-the demons however are a little too cute, i love dead serious looking demons lol not pokemons but a mix of cuteness is also ok.

ep 2 was breath taking!
Highly recommended!
new characters are not yet in the scenes ;)
woosh! lab it!

---UPDATE! MAY 16,2011---
Ok ok! so its like FMA/Full Metal Alchemist + Soul Eater
coz of the brotherhood + exorcist school
exciting fights not yet there but ep5 was ok. The Principal is making wonder HU DA HELL he really is and what do they do. i kinda like the pink haired guy he looks hot lmao..

---UPDATE! SEPT 26, 2011 ---
epsiode 24, last ep 23 Yuki kun finally awoken his Demonic side *eiiiyaa~* his my crush =P
he looks ka koiiii~ <3
anyway i dont get it if their father Satan is Kind or Not, his willing to kill his own sons, the twins that his love gave birth to, what are they tools? i think he misunderstood something "invading" and "peacefully living" with each other is wayyy different. but now that i thought about Satan, i think his lonely :(

Anyway i dont want to be a spoiler but this anime is a MUST WATCH! and one of my faves ;)

Arigatou Gozaimas / Thank You for dropping by desu ^_^

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