Fairy Tail (REVIEW)

I have been watching this ever since the animation started last year =)
And it is actually pretty much more interesting than Bleach and Naruto...(my own opinion/a girl opinion ayt, i know yall love the two anime ugh)
coz i dont like long stories which only focus on 1 or 2 characters...its just that i like this much more, the chapters and volumes are remarkable, different story each volume which is exciting, the fillers are good too ^^

I thought so that this will become famous in no time, but the thing is in cosplay here in Philippines i have not seen anyone do Fairytail, and if ever they will i surly hope its going to be cool not un-cool hehe v(^__^)v
---UPDATE! MAY 16,2011---
right now, the new chapter is not interesting to me. after ep78 i think ill be off from FT for a month because of this hehe. i was off for a month too the previous chapter about the Artificial Dragon..it was ridiculous! lol Anyway ill watch it when i dont have anything else to watch and i will surely miss them and watch again, that did happen. i just dont like the whole alternate characters thinggy and new world which looks like a carnival.
---UPDATE! JUNE 9,2011---
Its almost a month and have not watched FT, finally the eps r not boring yey! i still think the characters of the other world is a bit over the top but i like how the earth lands FT reacts to the "other me" character lol..how the heck Gajil became slim and afro? journalist? ahaha really..got me interested. and how Natsu cant use his magic lol how funny..I just cant wait for the earth land FT to get back their magic powers and beat the hell out of the villains hihihi. The history of Charl & Happy is kinda sad =(
---UPDATE! JULY 2,2011---
---Episode 86---
The new song hmm i dont like it but the Mtv is ok :D
i think this chapter is going to be a long one =_= since they made a new song for it..sigh..waiting for 1 ep once a week is pain in the ass lol
Erza VS Erza! yahoo!!! you should see how Natsu reacted lol, and the show is not that so serious anymore, comedy is around..ask grey hehe. I cant wait to see Mystogan and Jelal together, i mean why do they look alike? There are times when i thought they were 1 person only, gosh its so confusing! The pink armor gay guy is killing my sight..(my eyes hurt) lolll
GO GO FAIRYTAIL! i want to know about Lissana wooootttt!!








Fave Characters/Couple:
Mirajane & Freed

Grey and Juvia

Most Handsome:
Freed & Loki

Most Beautiful & Powerful in women:
Erza & Mirajane

Most Powerful Guy:
Natsu (still in the making hehe)

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