HAUL (1) Bath & Body Works, ala Kimmi Doll/Kokeshi Doll, Domo Kun,

Bath & Body Works
Hand sanitizer, and Glow in the dark bag handles that everyone is talking about!
Bought it for P150 pesos
im pretty much happy with it ^^ not because of the handle but the sanitizer it self lasts forever...i love sweet pea :)

I am obsessed with kimmi doll, kokeshi dolls and i had to get those, got it! mine is obviously pink
the rest is Black, Violet, Green, and Light Blue.
Different Designs actually, there are ones like mine w/c r hand covered in kimono clothe look,
others have a japanese umbarella, while the rest are just simple :)

Domo Kun Everywhere! Love em all!
Back-pack, cp holder/wallet (vertical and horizontal), headsets w/c comes in 2 designs, BackPacks square and heavy school duty one, shoulder bags, pins 3 designs, jackets, furry hat Limited Edition, and finally bonet Hat.

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Thank You for reading,
aMz88 XOXO
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