Maria Holic Season 2 and Review

This short haired girl is the actual heroin...LOL not the blond one ayt...

Last year i watched Season 1 and yeah...culture shock but wth it was funny so i kept watching and yuh i dont like usual anime setups coz its boring...this was unusual ^^

Lesbian girl who is trying to find a maiden to fall in love with in an all girl school; allergic to men; room mate is cross-dresser...not a real girl but a boy who cross-dress as a girl for a reason hehe

if you watched season 1 you should know...

i am not a hentai person but this anime is just kinda funny and i like to see the heroin in pain lollll

Favorite Girl: the martial arts the one with short or the cousin of maria hehe

This anime is a good way to waste my time!

Arigatou Gozaimas minaaah ^^
Thanks for Dropping by XOXO

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