Old Perfumes that i like and do not like much...

Cool Water is one of my top favorites of all time!
It Gives you that Jean feel Girl-Boyish type.

Its fine for girly time...

Out of all Incanto Collection. This i personally like, its not sweet, its not dull, its just in the middle...

I love this! but the thing is...the smell so addicting! but kinda bothers my tummy lol

I absolutely got addicted to this scent, but also got fed up..

its "fine"...but im so fed up with this scent lol

Gucci is also fine

Im not so sure about this one, i dont like it :(

I kinda like this one :)
Oh this one i like too
I feel its kinda old-scented for me lol i dont like this one..
is "fine"

Hell no! i dont want to see this! smells like a mid aged or old lady (no offense) in my opinion that is...

I dont like Strong Perfumes that can hurt my nose and perfumes that are so floral and kinda smells like your aunt =_=

Everyone owns a different type of taste in terms of almost anything and everything :)
You might like the stuff i dont or dislike the stuff i dont like but hey its fine ;)
Disclaimer: All Products are bought with my own money unless stated Sponsored. All Product Reviews including Sponsored are based from my own honest personal experience.
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