Paradise Kiss (Anime Review) Part 1

Part 1 - (fresh review of what i think since i watched ep1 and mid ep2 at the moment)
Part 2 - Will be posted after i finish the series

Heard about this anime several times but not so much like u know Naruto and Bleach are so popular, this one is on the middle side.

Ive seen Aloida Cosplay this through youtube on a TV show, i was searching for cosplayers. To be blunt i dont like the Pink Hair anime or what she cosplayed it looks so ughh i dont know..Gay?
(Guys this is just my point of view ayt..i just dont like over cute girls)

Anyway i thought it was something like Shugo Chara, so i didnt try it, it will just be a waste of time...

But when i saw the picture online it got me curious just today hehe
Damn i was wrong, Opening song is so sick! loved it!

So now im watching it =D
Not your so usual characters so this gotta be good...

Thank You and Arigatou Gozaimas for reading
aMz88, xoxo

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