You don't need to do all of the steps, just 1 of these steps is enough ^^

1. Be a Public Follower of my Blog (1 point)
2. Subscribe through Email (1 point)
3. Share and Like this post via Facebook (2 points)
4. Blog about this (3 point)
5. Grab my botton and place it on your blog (3 point)
6. Pls leave a comment about my blog

Maximum of 10 points per person.

IMPORTANT: Leave a comment below with your
Name, Email address, and your entry number from the list so as links or your entry wont be counted.

USE OPEN ID / NAME URL or / ANONYMOUS if you don't have blog accounts

-Open to Philippines Nationwide!
-Contest Valid May 2, 2011 - May 31, 2011
-Deadline May 31, 2011 12mid night Phlippines time
-Winner will be chosen via Random Number Generator
-Winner will be announced June 1, 2011

Gambate Kudasai Minnah...Good luck ^___^

Example Entry (just 1 step)
Reah Esteves
(3) Shared and Liked your page through fb (the link to your facebook page)

Example 2 (full steps)
(1) followed your blog
(2) subscribed thru email
(3) shared it on fb (LINK OF YOUR FB PAGE)
(4) blogged it! (www.bogeditco) LINK OF THE BLOG
(5) grabbed your button (LINK OF YOUR BLOG POST)
(6) i like your kawaii category

1. Be a Public Follower (on the left column, below the calendar, there is a Follow Button, and my follower list. click the Follow button and confirm.
2. Subscribe through Email (On the Most Top Right Column there is ALL CAPS SUBSCRIBE via Email, insert your email and confirm)
3. Share/Like this post on Facebook (Click the Facebook Button Share / Like button below this page, or At the right Column Facebook Share button and Like button also available)
4. Blog about this.
5. Grab my botton and place it on your blog (Copy, Paste the Codes below the Button and Place it on your blog using Html)
6. Pls leave a comment about my blog
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