First Week of the Month Stuffs HAUL!

New Eyeglasses ^__^
Its black and white (of course!) my fave color combination ;)
stripes on the sides and almost zebra prints for the sides of the it!
one thing though...made by Disney XD lmao
about more than Php2,700 / $62.71

Watsons mode!

Maybelline BB cream 8-in-1 Php249 /$5.78
(it works on my skin tone and i lab it, i dont recommend it for brown skin women)

Garnier Eyeroll Php199 / $4.62
(saw it in a review on youtube by pinkstuffs i think, she said it works! and yuh it does ^^)

Gatsby Wet Look Php59 / $1.3
(and yuh kinda bought it because of Kimura Takuya teehee)

Bon Voyage Switzerland Exfoliating Facial Scrub
Milk Scrub
(works! love the smell too)
Garnier Oil Control
Wet tissues
baby Powder for body
P.S. - Watsons give freebies for worth of 1200 single purchase, watches and beauty products. I got me a Free Watch, well not exactly free, i had to buy a worth of Php99 nose strips :p

Its not just Plain Black shoes, the texture is different and it has these chequered looking design all over it. This one is the cheapest shoes i bought so far from Pony. Usually it would cost me like Php2,500-3000 / $59-$70
This one is Php1,995 / $46.33

"Just g" ala korean shop (SALE!) a top with cute freebie plushie :)
Php479 Reg Price Php240 Sale price
i also bough a necklace but i dont have a good pic of it.

7x7 or 6x6 bag by Swiss Miss, its so cute, also on sale but this one is from the dept. store
Php229.75 Reg Price
its %50 off!

Bracelet Php200


After watching Fast Five i bought this mouse, yah i know looks like a car XD

Bought it online, will blog about it soon :)

Funky Finds ^___^
i like mini stuffs so i bought these..

A large hand mirror, big as my face =P
its a bigger version of my pocket mirror and mini mi mirror which is no longer to be found *sob*
i thought the one below is a box but it turned out to be a Lenses case cool!

Dad bought us pearl pendants

SPF & pocket size brush lol

I also bought Under Garments..Again?! yuh pics blehh =P

I always buy stuffs that i just need, well sometimes want but mostly stuffs that i need coz i dont want to spend too much ^^
Disclaimer: All Products are bought with my own money unless stated Sponsored. All Product Reviews including Sponsored are based from my own honest personal experience.
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