PRIEST 2011 in 3D

There is nothing to watch on theaters this day so i decided lets kill some vampires! but not those with handsome looks like edward (i prefer Jasper <3) but the monster types!

the setting is pretty much like one anime i watched, i forgot what anime but the main char was a girl wearing blue eyeshadow and robot city with androids, the city looks similar and the story.

My sister told me that they made this out from a manga...i aint 100% sure about the info though.

The Church Controls in the movie, in the anime the Government i think. Another anime with same Church issues is "Fractale" Church controls everyone through data and so on...

Anyway, this movie is not a "Must Watch" but its sort of exciting in a way, like almost all scenes have intense bg music and dark places, and vampires sudden appearance..

the movie aint boring at all..

Paul Bettany suits being the Priest! but the gal Maggie Q doesnt! i prefer an actress with stonger face for vampire killing hehe like Underworld..dang! i missed that movie!

the year of the setting, im guessing is probably 3000+ or something but come on! the Queen Vampire just made one human vampire? dude! human vampires existed way back A.D. lol hehe talk about late evolution =P

SM taytay Cinema 2
Wednesday May 11, 2011
7:20pm-9pm i think

Warning: the 3D glasses were kinda blurry - SM tay2..hmp!
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