SCREAM 4 (Review)

Oholoh...i gotta admit i did enjoy it a little in the end that is hehe..

I am only talking about the movie and characters, my comments r not related to any hate for an actor/actress or anything.

Thumbs down:
-too much comedy moments, i mean they r serious but it looks like a joke..the acting, etc.
-stupid cops ahaha in real life that will be epic
-too much blood in the first kill..really? that much blood? exaggerated.

Thumbs up:
-movie inside a movie inside a movie lol
-love the twist!
-no one can tell whos the killer, well we didnt..its unexpected

Reason for watching? and stuff..
-no new movies around, ive watched Thor, Fast Five, Priest, etc. so i ran out..if u r reading my movie reviews u would know
-i am so waiting for May 20th! and so many good movies on the way too ^^ cnt w8!
-my comments on Priest were gone O_O right after the 12th of May Blogger Maintenance, i wonder what happened :(

Cinema Theater
May 14, 2011

2.8 / 5 stars

Buttom Line:
Download it online
not recommended for theaters or dvds

Thanks for dropping by guys =)
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