Some Starbucks Pictures and My Favorites!

My domo kun..sad news is i lost it in the cinema house, more like forgot it..will buy a new one i guess. although i have so many pouches and phone cases, i gotta have me domo back.

Tada! My ultimate faves! Waffle with choco top, and choco cream frappuccino! LOVE!
the prob is i dont like bitter coffee and i dont like sweet flavors too,
so this is the best for my taste..the balance is perfecto!

*Drolls* crunchy delly nom nom!

Lets have some donut since Java chip is too bitter for me,
just wanted to order something else, i did try JC/java chip several times before and other flavs

Lets sit outside and relax tonight ^__^
i think this one is Choco Chip

with dad hehe and Pocky phone pouch in the scene hehe

Apple and Cinnamon is good for amz =)
i cant finish anything sweet alone no matter what size is it, so 3/4 of this is in my sis stomach lol

One Cold Sour Veggie Pasta! of course i kinda liked it, just kinda...hehe i dig the dip (sounds odd) ahaha..the veggies were sour but balanced sour.
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