Etude House Haul :D

20% OFF on all items! Hurry! all branches till Tuesday 21st
Etude fb fan page reached 50,000 fans so they decided to give a big discount for us yey!
Available in Philippines

Looks like i bought few items only but man the price ahahaha!

The Dual Fibre Brush that im very curious about, heard so many good reviews, so i had to get one! this is the main product i wanted to get ;D
Regular Price: Php428 / $9.81 Discounted Price: Php342.40 / $7.85
SAVE: Php85.6 /$1.96

They have so many Mascara to choose from, but i picked Black2 Volume Mascara coz i think it will work wonders with my lashes. it has the biggest thickest brush, i need a big brush coz my lashes are naturally curved and very long, even if i apply so little mascara, all the product just stick between my lashes ugh..
Regular Price: Php398 / $9.13 Discounted Price: Php318 / $7.30
SAVE: Php80 /$1.83

Missing U Hand Cream in Peach Panda
Oh gosh! i was surprised by the size its kinda ur 3/4 ur palm, i thought it was going to be bigger, btw its my first time to enter Etude store and buy from it :)
i cant resist Panda! its little and kawaii! and i love peach :3 I cant wait to use it and post a review
Regular Price: Php278 / $6.37 Discounted Price: Php222.40 / $5.10
SAVE: Php55.6 /$1.27

Vita foam mini "Bite Me"
This is the one with Vitamin E, i duno i just want more vitamin E for my face, since i already use SPF on me face, it doesnt matter if this one has no SPF, what i really wanted is Vitamin E, anti aging i guess. Im getting really conscious about my skin and age lol
They have different variations for this product :D Choose what fits you the best ;D

Regular Price: Php148 / $3.39 Discounted Price: Php118.40 / $2.71
SAVE: Php29.6 /$0.75

Essence Mask Vitamin E, Princess 3D Mask Red Wine, Princess 3D Mask Honey & Milk for the beautiful me ahahaha! oh ladies u might not know this, my grandmother from my dad side is Egyptian, so i was soooo happy to see cleopatra on the 3D mask LOVE it! i miss my granny...random? hehe sorry

Essence Mask Vitamin E
Regular Price: Php58 / $1.33 Discounted Price: Php46.40 / $1.06
SAVE: Php11.6 /$0.26

Princess 3D Mask Red Wine, Princess 3D Mask Honey & Milk
Regular Price: Php98 / $2.24 Discounted Price: Php78.40 / $1.79
SAVED: Php19.6 /$0.44

Aside from the 20% off! i got this pen as a Freebie :D yay! i love freebies hehe who doesnt?
Ms Twinkle pen

I was planning to buy few blushes but when i tested it, it didnt met my expectations, currently im using NYX blushes, i want Tarte but where? anyway i will continue my search for blushies.

I will post some reviews soon, im so excited to use them all, i used the "Bite Me" last night and loved it!

Gals i want to know what is your favorite Etude House Product and why? or tell me anything u want to say about Etude House ^___^

Disclaimer: All Products are bought with my own money unless stated Sponsored. All Product Reviews including Sponsored are based from my own honest personal experience.
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