Etude House Missing U Panda Hand Cream (Review)

100% Recycled paper, i love recycling and helping the earth :D
wahh! i super love pandas and peach, my ultimate drink is Mangoe Peach <3

Size: 2.5 inches approximately
When Opened - White Hand Cream

Adorable Babies <3

Regular Price: Php278 / $6.37
Discounted Price: Php222.40 / $5.10 (Etude 20% Grand Sale)
SAVE: Php55.6 /$1.27

-super love the packaging its just so pretty! the panda! the egg shape! the peach color!
-its very effective and indeed moisturizing
-smell and effect lasts for hours and hours love it!

-almost $7 / 300 pesos for just 30ml? gosh P100 is 10ml. in Watsons you will have a big 100ml or even 200ml for 300 pesos but ye know thats not EH
-some people dont like the peach scent, Dont Worry EH offers different scents
-strong citrus scent that i dislike, its almost like a yam bean "singkamas" in tagalog, but that strong smell wont last long, its just upon application.
I really bought this because of the packaging though lol

Will i buy this again?
-probably not, i already have the jar w/c is the main reason i bought this one and i also wated to try EH hand creams. if the cream will run out, ill just refill it with anything else, coz the smell of the actual product turns me off :(

-Packaging is 100% Recycled even printed with Soy Ink wow!
-by buying this some portion will go to an organization that actually help animals awww~
-Formulated with natural mixture of herbs, shea butter and olives to moisturize, heal and sooth hands.
-Also applicable to Arms

The product is great! just test them before u buy it coz u might end up like me lol not liking the scent hehe. Which reminds me i just grabbed this from the shelf without even testing the Hand Creams lol i was on a hurry that day

I hope this review is helpful somehow ^^ thank u ladies xoxo
Disclaimer: All Products are bought with my own money unless stated Sponsored. All Product Reviews including Sponsored are based from my own honest personal experience.
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