Kawaii Stockings & Award :)

Not my legs lol just the pic of the online shop i bought this item from, bought this along with diet pills.
I absolutely have no idea why did i bought this, mainly coz its cute, but i dont think ill be wearing this anytime soon lol i dont wear office skirts anymore, if i were ill prolly wear this. Time will come :p of course i wont wear that short wahaha!

Lovely Deisgn indeed kawaii :D

Thank You so much Jackie
Check Her out shes a lady from Philippines ;D

Something About Me:
Im into kawaii and cute stuffs but i find polkadots and flower patterned dress, and hello kitty, etc too girly for me too =P
what do i like? stripes, checkers, Black & White, Dark Pink ,Dark Purple, uhm Guns! lol my kawaii side is Rillakuma, Cina, and Tare Panda, baked goodies, i love neko/kittens <3
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