korean and japanese instant ramen/noodle

a month or two ago pics thats why the edit is like this lol
someone bought me new ones from the duty free, anyway this one is straight from abroad :)

I really think even if its a korean noodle but its in the local groceries here are already made here or low cost.

And its proven! the taste is very different, the packaging is different and much better, many added fillings unlike the local ones.

My fave Seafood Cup Noodle! some other korean hot ramen nongshim and i forgot the two..

(reading) uhhmm yah ohhh i see...no really...i cant understand a thing! maybe i should practice reading =_=

This blue one is not hot at all :D

tada!!! the reason why i was "korean ramen curious" coz i own pens and erasers just like them, a replica. too bad they dont have the green one which is i think in vegetable flavor

I love love love ramen and noodles!!! LOVE! i cant wait to eat real ones at japan huhu! even restaurants here locally in philippines are no match to the real thing i think. although they are not bad.

Do you like ramen? What flavor? and if you know a great place here in metromanila, do tell me :D


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