X-Men First Class (Movie Review)

And i thought this was going to be boring...

but after reading the good feedbacks from yahoo news post, and all people were going crazy on status posts about this, like boys r cursing how good it was, gals were like magneto is hot or charles is hot, etc.

I couldnt just let this one go..besides i already watched all the previous movies of this series :)

I liked the 1st, 2nd was fine, 3rd was ok, so i was like maybe the 4th is crappy..its just my mind set.

People were Lining up for this, boy i got a good seat! *Happy*

The start scene was a scene from hmmm i think movie 2? when Magneto first discovered his hidden Mutant power. Next thing that happened? Heart Breaking...

Anyway Charles huh? His so elegant, kind hearted, popular in school..and HE IS NOT BALD O_O lol

I really loved how the kids, and the teen actors really has a resemblance to the older *dont wana say old* actors :)

I honestly cant pick my type :">

Megneto is Rebel, Hot, Linguist, and did i mention hot?..oh yah i did.

I knew they were best friends, the thing is only Charles Knows the inner Magneto, not even Mystique knows Magneto true self.

The history of Beast and Mystique. I just love Charles Character & Charisma, that actor is really good.

Love the old fashion setup, the scenes of Magneto & the story is very interesting indeed.
Favorite Lines:
"sometimes i get fragments, trees, sunlight, and a kiss"
"this is the reason y women shouldn't be in CIA" :))

"Mutant & Proud!" - kinda corny honestly speaking..

Cinema Theater
Sunday May 5, 2011

Rating: 4.8 / 5

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