Earthquake in Phil & news

1:15am i was browsing on youtube then suddenly i thought my head was shaking or something that is caused by lack of sleep, but i was like its odd coz its really strong, and looked away from the laptop, im on my bed, and its shaking like crazy, the house is shaking, my room is on the 2nd floor.

it was kinda long 10seconds i think or more...

of course after what happened to japan you'll be alarmed with events like this and scared, after it finally stopped my mom w/c is downstairs watching tv checked on us. My dad is overseas but i bet his going to call tomorrow, he calls every time there is a major storm or earthquake.

Magnitude 5.9 i posted a stat on fb and so my other friends, most of them experienced earthquake that strong for the first time so they were shocked.

I just thank the lord nothing really bad happened.

earthquake in Philippines is not a new thing, it happens daily but in small magnitudes and i have experienced plenty, 1 in Stalucia mall 3rd floor, 1 in eastwood 11th or 9th floor, 1 in my room a very long time ago. so this is the 2nd time an earthquake toke place while im in bed.

other earthquakes occurred when i was on the road or ground floor in makati, i didnt felt it but in makati last year people from large bldngs ran off out the bldng like ants..

Other Bad news this weekend
-Norway Massacre
-Amy Winehouse death
-China bus burned 40 people
-hostage taking in manila

The most sad one is Norway, such young lives were gone because of a stupid act of 1 man...

Make sure to always take care and be alert of whats happening around you, of course pray :)

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