Johnny Rocket's (Lets go RETRO)

Route 66 Burger
Swiss cheese, grilled mushrooms, grilled onions & mayonnaise.

My Exact Kind of Burger! :D hmmm im not a big fan of burgers but once in a while why not? ;)
You will feel so welcome, the staffs are cute and wearing pink glasses hehe, reminds me of Hello Kitty :p

Located at Rob Galleria :) Although they have some other branches listed on the website:

Smiley Ketchup by the waitress Leslie ;D
She is the most pretty hehe always with a smile too

So far this is the most expensive burger i had almost P500 / $11.64
good comes with unlimited French Fries ;)
Well its the first time i had a burger in a resto so..hmm compared to mcdo and jabee prices its way off but its bigger and worth it nom nom nom...

hmm what is this odd looking machine? ahhh song selection >:)
P1/ $0.2 cents and the store will play the song..yep i did try it
Which Song? Fun Fun by Beach Boys although i dont know it :">

Smoothie is yummy :D Original Chocolate, but i only finished like 1/4 of it
i dont like sweets stuffs much but i know you'll love it ;)
approx. P220 / $5

Oh if ur wondering..the plate on the back is Mayonnaise w/c i mixed it with ketchup :">
my dip for the fries :D

More Fries! Unlimited Fries BURP!
oh look whos on the table..its tinsy tare panda :">

eiyyaaaa~ kawaii!! sonna combination soshte fries..woreeh...shinde *dies* =P
jodan desyo ne ;D

stolen shot? Snobbish lady look "Mataray look"

i love the Music Box :D i do wish it was the real vintage one though ;)

PRICE: P200-500 / $4.6-$11.63 per meal
FOOD: Taste good. if ur looking for a healthy choice of course this is not the place. im not sure but i can see some pink in my meat, might be not so cooked?
STAFF: very friendly
PERFORMANCE: they have dance numbers, u can tell by the dance that they are tired so the performance wasnt that great but not also bad, it was fun although i prefer "The Crab" Restaurant at Greenbelt, violin and piano performance..lovely

Thanks for reading XOXO
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