K Drama Syndrome (attacks me again)

Dream High

I have not been sleeping well last week and because of this drama..i earned a pimple on my left cheek :(

Thursday Slept 6am
Friday Slept 2am

finished all the 16eps even if i have work, i was just so hooked with the unique story, for some people it is too dramatic, for me? yes it is so dramatic lol too much crying but thats why its called a drama right? I love the comedy parts :D

my heart aches for my Crush Pumpkin Boy/Province Boy i call him "Neko Boy" cat boy and
the female teacher is so funny when in love with mr kang (puts on hair clip + baby talk)

This drama will teach you to Beleive in your self again, and Dream High ;) Never Give up!
No matter what decision you make, you have to prove that you made the right one by doing it with 100% with your will power.

I have a HUGE CRUSH on this guy and i call him my neko neko boy :D cat boy lol

Gu Mi Ho

Another Drama, i was watching this last month but stopped coz i kinda got tired of it..

My Bishonen Boy :"> aka Girly boy eiiyaaaa~ Moe Power!!!

The problem with K Dramas is that they have a very good start, and then the climax is kind of complicated and sad, sometimes when the events are too complicated i lose interest coz its not fun too watch anymore..

Thank God Dream High ending is kind of fair, but most K Dramas specially the old ones End in Tragedy, i dont like it. btw i hate Shakespeare lol im a fan of Happy Endings :)

If you will do a Tragic endings thats because you believe life is nothing but s***..dont believe that way, because you are what you think, what you believe in will always apply on your life then boom! it happens to you.

People who found "the one" always believed in it :)

What K-Drama is Your Favorite?
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