♥ from USA with love ♥

YAY!!! my sis went to the post office and got me the packages yesterday, opening them was so exciting, we unwrapped the packages together :)

Prods im most excited about:
♥ Sigma Miss Taylor Brush
♥ Dolly Wink Deep Black Liquid Eyeliner
♥ Majolica Majorca Mirror
♥ My Beauty Berry facial masks
♥ NYC Lippies
♥ Sally Hansen nail polishies
Thank you so much Lovies!!!
Bun Bun aka Frances i really enjoyed reading ur letter it was so sweet and i always enjoy reading/exchanging comments, watching your videos, and ur blog posts :D your just my bun bun XD lolz P.S.- thanks for the yummy candies i think im addicted to it now hehe *HUGS*
Fragancia i superrr love the sigma brush oh my gawd! just OMG! thank u :">
Bri i cant wait to use them, my sisters will try to sneak them from me lolz thanks for the Hello Kitty theme and Stickers, Your letter is really cute with a lucky star and care bear hehe
Pls click on the names to view the blog or the links below, they are a bunch of sweet gals you must be friends with hehe
since i was small i always enjoy reading letters, you know the old times before emails any everything..a letter always posses this special touch from that someone who wrote it :)
thank you dolls! xoxo
Oh im planning to review some of them ^^ or most..will see ;D

Disclaimer: All Products are bought with my own money unless stated Sponsored. All Product Reviews including Sponsored are based from my own honest personal experience.
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