kawaii sweets+kawaii boy = nose bleed XD

Sugoii! Sugeeehhh!! O_O MEGA STARBUCKS-O!?
Areyanai..Zattai yada..bakabakashi...mushkashte sorewa..mahooo Starbucks? :P
just Ignore me lolz anyway this is a Starbucks Cake and Biscuit ;D
amazing desho? Love it!

this one i saw it on a kawaii blog, she posted loads of kawaii donuts but this one is my fave out of all... =3

too cute to eat!! nooo!! :3

saw this one on Eki blog, if anyone knows the name of this guy..pls tell me XD
i hope his a celebrity so i could watch anything his involved in!

Sparkle eyes! lolz...his like my dream jap guy XD

i need to transfer some photos from my android phone..
my mom borrowed my digi cam last week and i always forget to get it from her =P
other pics is on someone else phone lolz
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