My Sims Social on facebook

i think im level 23 or 25 i dont house is 69k or 70k ^^

promise! the yard is better coz i build a new room for writing..hihi

look at all the stuffs scattered in the yard, will put it in that room :D

leveling up!

ITS NOT WORKING AGAIN!....Since yesterday and its frustrating coz ive reached 70k - house worth? i guess and people r going to catch up if i cant play lol my efforts ever since it was still on "Beta" (testing) will be gone T3T

to think that its LIVE now and some people can play while i cant, is sooo unfair, if they have errors they should close it for all and announce like
"Will be back tomorrow 9am, were having some technical issues"
not like this :( i cant play, they can play...why?....

My Goals:
the flat screen laptop level 30 writing..
the piano level 45 or 50 in music
the kitchen stuffs for higher levels
dressing up lolz!

i was playing sims social on PS2 when i was like in high school or early college i guess hehe

Are you playing this too on facebook?
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