Package from Korea

This Tuesday the post office told me they have a package for me but because we were having a rain storm i only got it today Thursday :)

Its a package from Sharon yay! all the away from Korea
Sharon is a fashion/beauty Blogger, you should really check her out :D

seriously why do korea package have these cute tapes and characters? i wish all packages do..
i also like how they have cushion inside :">

Letter from Sharon ♥

i forgot to number them..anyway :)

-Diamond BB UV Perfect SPF 30 PA+++
superrrrrr love love the pink package darn it! its so pretty i dont even want to use it lol
-Super BB (mini) SPF 25 PA++
i adore little kawaii packaging and anything small/mini awww love it!
-Lipbalm mini
yay now i have a back up :D i have one of these ;D

-Mushroom BB SPF 20 PA+
cant wait to try it ;)

-Missha Fresh acerola
i cant read the back is all in korean T3T
-Missha Honey Sheet
-Etude O2 White
i heard this is promising..i read a blog post about it before hmmm

-Skinfood Gold Caviar
-Etude Darling Cream
-Etude Fresh Cherry tints
-Dr f power 10
-Dr f BB
spilled owaaa! caused some trouble..i had to clean up but its oki ^__^

hontoni zen zen wakaranaiii T3T tasketeeehh..minaah!

Ipuuuu dahh! Subarashi! Otskoshi! eiiyaaa~ XD

the silver sponge is so adorable and super soft! promise! i really like how it has a protector/plastic on top..really nice work Skin79 ;)

its so pretty *stares*

There you have it hehe i will be reviewing these..
Superrr thank you Sharon :D saranghe! xoxo XD

if anyone used these before or have a review on any product above, leave me a link pls in the comment box, i'd love to know how it worked on u :)

Thank you so much to those who always visit my blog and comment
marami po salamat ginang lol
arigatou gozaimas
kamsa hamni da
merci boquo

Disclaimer: All Products are bought with my own money unless stated Sponsored. All Product Reviews including Sponsored are based from my own honest personal experience.
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