Review: Etude Darling (Snail Healing Cream)

i have some testers sent by Sharon :) this product is new, i think released last July (at least here in Philippines) im not sure in Korea though if its a new prod

Decided to try this since i heard that Marge liked the tony moly snail cream (i think) im not sure if its TM or a cream/serum..the important thing is its from snail too lolz

im having breakouts (again...) yes i know T3T this time its on my chin area darn it! prolly from my sis Bday party Fried chicken (oilllsss) i need to fix my diet =_=

Ive used it this Friday and i was literally blown away O_O its like a miracle product...i swear!
it works wonders on me, i have pores on my cheeks but after using this it was like.."Dang Gurl! u look pretty!" lolzz and my pimples? r drying out..Woot! im so happy with his product!

and as a proof that this does work (i only used this once so far) dinner with a friend..
Me: oi oi can u tell whats different about me today? =3
Friend: ohh! ur face looks clearer! :D
Me: (Does the happy dance! in my head lol) eiiyaaa~ XD

i checked online on Etude Site how much this costs and i was like =___= really?
50ml P1,198 pesos

i wish they have a smaller sizes T3T

73% of snail viscous liquid extracts
the snails have the ability to recover themselves by the use of their liquids. this product helps also your skin to recover it self to the original state.
i Love:
♥ minimizes pores instantly!
♥ dries out ur pimples
♥ healing your skin to its original state so it includes anti aging/heals redness/everything else
No paraben, no population pigment, no alcohol.
i dont like:
♥ the Price its US $28.17 / P1,198 pesos
♥ kinda slimy feeling that reminds me of a pimple spot remover i used before
You ladies should try this :D if you can get samples get them first! its better to test it before buying the bottle. im thinking of buying the full size :)

Disclaimer: All Products are bought with my own money unless stated Sponsored. All Product Reviews including Sponsored are based from my own honest personal experience.
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