Skin Break not Breakout!

My skin has improved! Remember my breakouts lately?

because of these:
1. bad diet...eating jolibee chicken joy craze! (fried chicken fast food)
2. too much Vitamin E (my skin is oily sensitive) so too much of it made it more oily..i have been using the Vita Foam Bite Me from Etude and i used a Vitamin E mask from Etude too! result = pimples!
3. changed my oil control sheets product to a new one that has aloe in it (broke me out)

How did my skin improve?
1. changed my diet! no more fried chicken...and oily food
2. Gave my skin a break from almost all of skin products (cleanser, masks, exfoliate, etc)
3. repurchased my old oil control sheet..darn the new one! lolz
4. i think the weather also helped because its not humid like it was on July right?
5. Snail Cream and St Ives facial scrub helped ^__^
6. i drink more water now (instead of only C2 hehe)

even though i have no good sleep the past week (its monday here) my skin still looks much better and pimples ran away lolz

Giving your skin a break is a good idea, specially from all the makeup and skin prods

the break wasn't intentional :)) my foam is running out and also since i work at home and been so busy i completely forgot about my routine

im planing to buy a different cleanser i think St Ives, i was searching for Cetaphil for oily skin type the medium size w/c costs P200+ bucks, i dont want to buy the huge one because i want to try if it will work on me first.

Always remember: Your Skin is Unique like you, if something works great on someone doesnt mean it will work on you and vice versa. Your skin might not be suitable for some ingredients, or might even get allergies. be careful, if something broke you out stop using it.

(im thinking to purchase teatree from Etude or something from St Ives)
what cleanser can you recommend for oily skin?

Disclaimer: All Products are bought with my own money unless stated Sponsored. All Product Reviews including Sponsored are based from my own honest personal experience.
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