some stuffs+shopping ban+award

i was on a shopping ban last month of July and maybe this August Y^Y just maybe..will see hihi >:3 cheater = me! *points at self* nandatohh?! temeehhh watashi wa utskoshi lady, cheater jia neehh!! omaiwa usotski daroohh? XD

Sorry very random and i placed few odd stuffs lol...

1. Mac Wonder Woman shade nude (have not tried it yet)
2. Tony Moly lip tint mini in cherry pink
3. Nivea mini (i know i like mini stuffs) hehe
4. Kuma/Bear mirror/comb
5. Rillakuma mini purse (2 inches maybe) put some coins in it or hmm just stare at it i guess lol
6. Bear Eyeliners (i bought 5 of them) 3 pink, 1 brown, 1 black the pink bear liner color inside is blue not pink..well the black is the same (last piece i got me hands on it thank god) my sisters toke the other liners
7. Huge ball pen (9 inches maybe)
8. random korean candy just happened to be there lol
9. rose earrings and choco clay goodies
10. black rose hair clip ala anna sui
11. oil control sheet
12. never mind ahaha why is it even there? XD

I hope yall doing fine ;) im going to post reviews this month of August, some of it are announced on my side bar yay!

thank you for this award ;D

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