Uta No Prince (eiiyaaa Moe~)

Alternative NameSong of the Prince
Years of Released2009

Uta no Prince-sama 4

is coming next...

Author(s)Kunozuki Kanon, Yukihiro Utako, Broccoli, Kurahana Chinatsu
Artist(s)Yukihiro Utako
Genre(s)Comedy, Harem, Romance, School Life, Shoujo
TypeJapanese Manga (Read from right to left.)


A tie-in manga for the otome dating game simulation by the same title:

Nanami Haruka wants to be a song writer, so she attends an idol training school filled with beautiful bishounen. The school pairs each aspiring songwriter with an aspiring idol, but Haruka finds herself paired with 3 idols! To make things more difficult, Nanami is also not allowed to date any of her beautiful partners!

[information above courtesy of Mangafox.com]

eiiyaa atashi no prince!!! i like gentle looking bishonen almost guys lol and his personality is ok too :D
the other personalities w/c r quite popular in anime:
1.Energetic/Cheerful guy
2.Emotional/Snub Guy
3.Strict Guy
4.Lady magnet
5.Small but terrible attitude guy
6. Gentle Guy :D eiiyaah Natsuki sama XD

Reminds me of anime with title "La Corda" the one who have a magical violin in a music school.

i also read a review about this anime (game) it has different story line for each character and 2 results, happy ending and romantic ending i think..

Anyway im not so crazy about both anime, its just i had nothing better to do lol

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