Celebrity Crush! JY :">

OK OK! i know im hooked but most of you gals have to admit you have a Celebrity Crush...i know u do :"> ive seen some posts hihi
Below is his latest 2011 photos :D

4 Boys look alike mania: http://amz88.blogspot.com/2011/03/new-f4-nose-bleed-combination.html

me my self i used to think i like blond guys, blue/green eyes, caucasian features! but when facebook quiz results and picks like ur top 5 celebrity guys..THEY WERE ALL ASIANS!
1 taiwan guy w/c is JY
1 jap guy
1 half jap guy
1 half korean american yes its Daniel lolz
1 korean bi/rain

i didnt use to have a huge crush on this guy when Meteor Garden was the craze back in 2004? i think lol
well since 2007 i realized his my type XD

*he looks like someone i know well kind of?..but i wont tell who =P Marge knows who XD
*found out his true personality was actually a quiet type gentle guy (so not Dao ming tzu)
*his good in acting and i like his voice whether his just speaking or singing lolz

if your a fan you probably know that his not been doing so well this past months :(
he have an issue in behavior i fogot the exact thing. anyway he is damn thin! =_= poor thing..has been in an accident while filming too, he got hurt..some actress punched him real hard i say..gosh who would do that? right? :">

anyway his getting better and he has a toothpaste commercial out ;) and i hope he will be back in no time.

P.S.- i only completed meteor garden, did not watch hot shot, hospital thingy, i watch korean stuffs more. 

Who is Your Asian Celebrity Crush? and Why? if not asian any guy will do XD

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