Cosplay des :3

this event was at SM Megamall i was just shopping with my best friend and we came across this :D

Ignore my messy zip on jacket ahaha

Whos your boy now? Boyah! XD
Im LOLing XD hei u can see "kuya's" his face

toke me forever to take a pic with him coz i was like XD ahahaha!!!

i love French Fries and Potato Chips! LOL XD
Toy Story ^^

another event SM Megamall although almost everyone is gone because i came late, my office ended 7pm that day huhu
Loving the Katana Sword <3
 Looking Cool :D

 is that a ZOID thinggy from the anime Zoid? i duno but that mini little Bumble bee is killing me with its cuteness dear heavens sooooooo kawaiiiiiiiii~ *Nose Bleed*

sorry for my fail edit, i did a quick one, Her name is Belldandy and her parents are both Anime Otaku i assume =P and they made her the kawaii *faints*

if you gals/guys went to any anime event recently pls leave a link below :)

i love seeing robots, butlers (handsome ones only joke), neko girls, and maid, what else hmmm anything like kimono extreme evil ones :D
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