Cute Video and Cute+Funny Pictures i want to share

NOTE: for Videos the Description is on top, for Photos its below :) 

Hi Gals how was ur weekend? if ur having a hard monday here are some things to make u feel better desu nya~ :3

Lets Start with Kawaii/Cute Things

Yesterday saw this on Eki Blog :D
its a NEW CM of Tsubasa

*Behind the Scenes*

Cute Dog Bites Patient Cat awwww.....

neko chan...ka....*catches my breath* kaawaiii!!!! 

 Sweetness kawaiii Korillakuma des from Rillakuma 
i love PACMAN! Book Shelf awww its going to eat up the TV
which means: Read More, Less TV! hahaha

To the Funny Photos

saw this in on a blog and i was like LOL XD

Disney Anyone? =P

glee XD

ahahahaha!!! XD
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