i miss the forest and the beach T^T

Here is some photos from my trip last year to Zambales, Philippines :)
i wasnt able to go to any beach this summer =_= for some reasons sigh anyways here we go

front picture for this post
on the boat, on our way to Anawangin :D
the rocks were cool hehe

The forest of Anawangin, Zambales
u can hear the birds, and water, the wind, how peaceful.

the only problem was we were suppose to camp on this side, so we have to cross, the water was too high and no Bridge, thank god for my long legs XD the water reached my whole leg

i was also looking out for frogs, i dont like frogs, they suddenly jump on you =_= last time when we went to White beach Batangas, there was a frog on the beach and it was too dark for us to see, me and my best friend ran like crazy XD it was fun though :P but yah ive seen some fishies when i was trying to cross.

i literally cleared my mind here, i was looking into the sky and trees while thinking about nothing, gosh it does happen and can actually happen? whew! relaxation i say at its best

the breath taking trees, i love nature :)
 i was lying down when i toke this photo

 me walking in the woods :">

some food, i love taking food pictures and specifically close ups

*breaths in* haaa~ the beach *lies down* snoooz~

ok ok i didnt do this =P

morning and noon


Im going to use both photos for a trend going on, Day to Night photos :)

Tada! Capones Island

too bad we were on hurry, the water here is so clear only problem its wavy and sand gets into ur undies =P
only few people stay here because its kind of dangerous, no stores, no restroom, its a Wild area hmm can i even say that? "wild area" lol . we didnt get to see the whole island and the lighthouse but thats ok

Philippines is a lovely place to travel
ive seen so far in Batangas 5 times Tagaytay 3 times i think coz they r near manila hehe, Subic twice, Zambales, Naga, Boracay, hmm thats all i think..

i want to visit Palawan, Bohol maybe? Cebu and Baguio, La union, and some other places

the thing is.....im scared to fly i only trust Qatar airlines but its expensive plus it doesnt make local flights ahaha! im so safety freak and its stopping me from all of this. i also wont probably go by land too because of snake roads or hill roads, if the road is straight ill be there. i went to boracay via sea. 2nd problem my mom hates via sea traveling :P

Q: Where is the Prettiest place in Philippines to you? and Why? 
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