Introducing My Sister Zai and her Kuromi Obsession

My sister is 16 and shes been collecting kuromi this year, and its kinda driving me crazy because shes spending money on it but now she have calmed down a bit i think. . .with buying but not with Kuromi Love!

♥ Zai 

Shes my 2nd sister, i have 3 sisters/monkeys ahaha joke
i love em' all although they stress me out being the Guardian of three teens is very stressful. . .
i had less stress when they were in Elementary and Highschool.

Shes in 2nd year college, i know right? 16 and 2nd year? well we all enter college at age 15 and yup shes a scholar like me only she is 50% scholar, i was 100% scholar :D

Like Big sister, Like small sister awww 

Shes the one that looks more like me they say, well the truth is her whole face is like my Aunt Suhair (father side) my aunt is Black coz hmmm grandpa is african black and grandma is egyptian so some of my aunts r black some not and some uncles r black some not..long story ahaha!

We all have fair skin but due to Philippine weather they all got medium/tanned now, except me since i dont like being under the sun much i tanned but not as tan as my sisters are.

My mom has fair skin
Our dad has brown/medium skin 

so if we tanned result is DAD SKIN COLOR ahaha!

Her Collection

Zai Birthday is next month and im planning to buy her this earrings

i hope shes going to be happy coz i was thinking if i have money ill buy her Kuromi Shoes but i did not see one yet hmmm

ill post about my sis Fatz and Mina too hehehe

if you gals have siblings im interested in reading your posts too :D

Q: How Many Siblings Do You Have? and Do You Get Along? What do you do as bonding?
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