MIA+Thank You+Awards

Sorry ive been MIA for a week lolz things happened like we lost internet connection, from friday till yesterday
sept 23-sept 26

it was actually my birthday between those dates, i was saving money for it and when i spent it i couldnt understand if i should be happy or not ahaha! mixed emtions...coz i worked hard on saving it. But now im ok, i moved on about this issue

Thank You so much i really appreciate all my followers :) im surprised i have new followers :"> thank you thank you :D

got 2 awards :D yay! its getting better and better hehe

1st one is from Gisell of http://dramaandbeauty.blogspot.com
2nd which is the same award as Gisell its from http://vivaciousblog17.blogspot.com
i also got another award from her which is "Kreativ Blogger"
Thank You so much, im glad to know that you think my blog deserve the awards :)

The rule:
 -Share 7 things about yourself and link back to the person who passed you the award.
-Award 15 blogs and drop them a line about it.

7 Things about aMz
 im kinda boyish in terms of style and things i do but i love beautiful guys XD Bishonen
 im inlove with Anime and i kind of can speak japanese, but its not that i want to be a japanese girl i just love the culture and all :) i also love europe and egypt etc im a geek!
 i like French Pastry so much O_O dai skiii des!!!
 loves traveling and take gazillion of photos of anything including food :D
♥ weakness: Polkadots, floral dress, overly sweetened food, pepper vegtable, gecko.
 i have poor eye-sight and i dont like wearing eyeglasses and contact lenses, most of the time it results to the "im snobbish" because i cant see you unless your 5 feet away ahaha 
♥ im a kind person to everyone but if you did strike number 3...youll see me breaking doors, bottles, glass, anything even electronics = BAD TEMPER! dont worry i worked on it and im patient now? :P

ill cheat! >:D just to add up some stuffs:♥ im a safety freak, im not afraid of heights im afraid to fall if things break, i love riding the plane but im afraid of it falling..odd? i check and doubt everything ahaha
Ex: i was going to learn Gun-Shooting but realized what if someone actually got shot there? im really a safety freak =_=

♥ i like very hot food, i literally eat red chilli to the point where my lips cracked one time and started bleeding hehe =P also the Dr advised me to stop eating too much hot food im acidic >.<

15 wonderful blogs im passing this 2 awards to (listed randomly)

i was going to cheat again and add more of you gals ahihihi =P
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