My Simple Weekend Haul

Hi gals :D i bought mostly Skin Care Products, some of you might know i have very oily skin type (oily-sensitive) goshh..!

Watsons i bought some stuffs twice O_O

1st batch

♠ i tried Cetaphil but it did not work on me, it suppose to bring out all dirt out so its bringing out my pimples as well =_= its more visible than ever lol
Nivea Soap coz i ran out hehe lets try the salt water thinggy
♠ Exfoliating Sponges
♠ Eye-mo for starring at my laptop almost the whole day, i always have eye-mo
♠ Shaver Quattro - its works well
♠ Back up Oil Control Film
♠ an umbrella 

2nd Batch

St ives Naturally Clear Blemish & Black head Control also for acne - so far its good
St ives Fresh Skin - my 2nd bottle i love to use this not only for my face, i use it for my neck and as a body scrub sometimes XD i cant get over it hehe
Garnier stuffs - Mask, Scrub, etc. all with the lemon thinggy coz i heard its good for controlling ur oils
Ponds stuffs - a scrub and ponds matte, i like the ponds matte it get rids of my oils but im thinking it seems a little too drying or so? hmmm

Forgot to buy a Maybelline compact. im choosing between Maybelline and Ellana but since maybelline packaging is more convenient i might go for maybelline. i looked for Dream Matte but noo still not avail in Philippines?

from a local store

i super love mini things, i have a mini lipstick toy but now i have a real mini Lippies yay! :D
on the left is a regular sized Liptick hehe

Hello kitty Blush on? it looks "sinkit" or really cat eyes instead of the big eyes, first i thought it was cute but now that i starred at it for quite a while nahhh

Today Monday 2 packages came in ^^

 its my prize from PolkaDotPigs  the Wrist Pouch and my Order form Human ♥ Nature YAY!!
i love organic prods i even have eos balms they work great, im an eco chic lol

 i used the sunflower right away :P

♠ Sunflower Seed Beauty Oil 50ml - ive heard alot about this from you gals i must try it!
it reminds me of our house in middle east, we used to have a yard full of sunflower and its just soooo amazing, i even gave my teachers few of them :) now i have the urge to plant them ahaha! 
♠ Super Fruits & Black Rice Grain 50ml
i just want to try black rice :"> Skinfood is far from my place and kinda expensive so since they have it ill try it ;)

My to Buy List:
♠ Etude Box
♠ Etude Blush on
♠ Etude hair coloring in red
♠ Tonymoly bunny mist
♠ still searching for that perfume ahaha

Why cant everyday be a Weekend? lol ill be bankrupt i guess if it is ehehhe

Q1: Whats Your Favorite Skin Care Product and Why?

Q2: Did u use any of the prods above? if yes, how was it? would love to hear from you
Disclaimer: All Products are bought with my own money unless stated Sponsored. All Product Reviews including Sponsored are based from my own honest personal experience.
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