Random Foodies, Sweets and Japanglish or Engrish-o

i suddenly miss blogging, its 12:49am omg! anyway i have things to post about but i have not yet water marked them ill do so soon :) Before i go to sleep i want to post something hehe i water marked them the other week

Im not doing this to be rude, i actually do find japanese english kawaiii~
Mag = Mug

Slices = Slicer

cake desu neh :) from Bake n' Churn

stekeiii :)

ichigo/Strawberry icecream cake :) 
my sister loves it but its too sweet for me..yapari..

Jolibee Nuggets, tried it once coz im curious!
Advice: Dont Order This! taste like nothing but flour...

super small squid "pusit" i i think its kawaii lol 

darn it! its even smaller than my fork!
can anyone explain to me how did this get to my plate? /(*0*/) lolz. . .

SB love :D

Mom home cook "Sopas" filipino cuisine for hmm milk soup maybe hmm...
anyway i Love Sopas on a rainy day rawr!

music machine on your table. . .classic thinggy 

chotto ka koiii~ cool desu neh?

kinda sweet smoothie in chocolate-o~

maybe the reason i dont eat too sweety stuffs because im a Spicy/Chilli eater
i literally eat chilli XD one time my lips started bleeding T^T  im not kidding..it hurts >.<
so i had to lessen my chili addiction, also im acidic so my tummy cant handle much chilli or citrus food,
my body temperature changes easily and thats the reason why i have hiccups so often O_O

 later this Saturday im going to the mall for a business meet up and will shop at Etude House, i checked the SALE items, sadly there are none on SALE that i wanted...sigh! it looks like a Clearance Sale naman eh! hmf.

ja neh minna matta ashta~ xoxo Happy Weekend desu nya =3

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