Review: Dolly Wink Deep Black Liquid Eyeliner is LOVE!

Hi gals ;) *wink* wink~ its Dolly wink~ time desu!
my first Dolly Wink item evahh!! yattah!! yay!~
its just hard to find in Philippines and if u find some online its twice the original price grrrr!! i wish dolly wink and candy doll will be all over the place soon :">

kawaii packaging desyu neh?..
sonnah kottoh purple-pink combo des! Saiko desyuuu~!! the pink color and black with purple combination its just the ultimate colors i love! look at the pretty with bow :"> awww..

~Out from its package~

kawaiii~ honto ni sugeeh kawaii~ *nose bleed*

ohh O_O sugoi~ the applicator is amazing!
i find it easier for me to apply using this applicator, and u can even apply a really thin line for art use or so..

Testing! Left: just applied / Right: scrubbed it really 5 times or so its a stubborn eyeliner, does not want to come off! nice :)

just light liner for the day time

 What i Love
♥ Cute Packaging!
♥ Really stays the whole day :)
♥ the applicator is really good
♥ i think the product wont dry out inside the pen so it will last :D

because it somewhat has a mettalic ball inside or something which keeps the consistency of the liquid or quality of the liner in good shape. (correct me if im wrong) hehe
 What i Dont Like
♥ hard to find for some
♥ pricey in my place atleast
♥ nothing else!

 Bottom Line
Love it! 5 stars! you gals have to try this hehe..
i want to try more Dolly wink and Candy Doll stuffs in the future

if you use this eyeliner, what do you think of it? if not whats ur current fave liner?
Any of you girls know where i can buy them locally in Philippines? for good Price?

Arigatou for reading nya~ XOXO =3
Disclaimer: All Products are bought with my own money unless stated Sponsored. All Product Reviews including Sponsored are based from my own honest personal experience.
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