Watsons again, Sale Promos, and New things

i failed to go to Etude This weekend T^T so i just went to Watsons, i was planing on buying Maybelline only but look what i bought, oh well..

♠ another Nivea Soap
i didnt like the sea soap the blue one coz its literally blue, it makes me feel as if the blue water is dirty or something..

♠ Ponds Matte
my 2 sisters request for oil control.

♠ Maybelline Clear Smooth All in One - Shine Free Cake Powder
i heard this is good and ive read a review on it but of course i wont buy the P249 just because it has a mirror, i dont go out much, and also when i touch up i really need to go to the rest room or use my own hand mirror hehe. oh and i like tiny things =P anyway i heard also it breaks easily so i was so careful, when i got home its still in one piece yay!

♠ J&J Shampoo
for cleaning my Makeup Brushes

♠ Snickers LOLZ

♠ Maybelline - items 250-300 above i think on 20% off!
♠ PONDS - selected items buy 1 take one
♠ Watsons - P50 pesos off on any watsons labeled products worth P300
♠ Watsons - Freebies such as shampoo or mask sachets, i got 1 facial scrub or mask and 1 or 2 shampoo sachet for free

i wont go to Watsons next week hmf! enough! i will go shop at Etude and Tony Moly instead and maybe a Macaroon box for my craving, i wonder where to dine in too hmm...

i just feel so lazy this weekend and today Monday. . .my "not-so-good-montly-girl-thing" is this week ya know..period.

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I wanted to get this Mascara but my Etude Mascara is still Full, i dont like buying a new product if i still have plenty because im that frugal ahaha!

Almost All Sundays i just stay home to sleep hehe and watch a movie with my sisters, eat some foodies and slack around =P

i am still hoping to save up for my Birthday...its this week :">

Q: Did You try Maybelline All in One Powder or the Super Film Mascara? How was it?
Q: How was your weekend? :)
Disclaimer: All Products are bought with my own money unless stated Sponsored. All Product Reviews including Sponsored are based from my own honest personal experience.
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