Yotube-ing and Etude SALE!

today i saw a blog post about Lee min ho CM and i almost dropped from my chair from laughing XD and this brand is famous! i recognize it from an old cm with the cute girl and monkey in the end...i really forgot the actor name but it has a "Kim" in it hehe

Seriously this dance and Mr Bean dance together will be EPIC!

What i watch on Youtube:
♣ Monthly Favorites
♣ some Hauls etc Beauty things: Dulce, Tiffany, tip to toe, the 15 yr old and 18 yr old one, emilynoe, bubzy, pinkcharm?, pancea, pixiwoo, etc.
♣ Vlogs about Japan and Korea ;) travel vlogs
♣ Pheaneas & Furb (my all time fave Cartoons)
♣ Bubble Gang!! XD Boy Pick up at Che che bureche
♣ Niga Higa and Cholo also Flufeetalks
♣ Rowan Atkinson stand up comedies, Mr Bean, The thin blue line.
♣ i used to watch korean dramas on youtube and ANTM
♣ Playing few old songs from the 80's and 90's such as boybands ahahah Nsync this i promise you..etc
♣ sometimes i watch Photoshop tutorials and 3D but now a days its rare hehe

(pls click on the photo to enlarge) 

i honestly dont know what to buy but i want few things like the cute box and a blush on? just because i like the packaging hehe

Q1: How about you gals? What do You watch on Youtube?
Q2: What are you going to buy in Etude Sale?
Q3: i also want to talk about the New Interface of Blogger, are you used to it? im kinda used to it now i mean if not when right? hehe

Disclaimer: All Products are bought with my own money unless stated Sponsored. All Product Reviews including Sponsored are based from my own honest personal experience.
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