French Pastry Bizu Greenbelt..Macarons dai ski ♥

im really picky with sweets, since i dont like all sugar only food, i mean some cakes for example in Goldilocks are just too much sugar, i only can taste the sugar and the taste is very plain. My family and friends know that if they will buy me a cake it has to be balanced, not so sweet and with a lot of flavor. And whats much better than French Petites and pastry ;)

i know im called a Food Critique in my family and friends =P

Reason Why im into French Pastry?
aside from i can not stand typical 90% sugar 10% flavored cakes hehe i happen to be a fan of Yumeiro Patisserie anime season 1, i watched it last year, im more interested in the taste ahaha i dont like baking :P i realized i need to try them immediately! and finally found some places to do so.

French Gateux Opera
A classic gateau of sponge cake with coffee butter cream and dark chocolate ganache.
P175 / P675 / P1.025

Yumeiro Patisserie Episode where Kashino baked this for his sister. This is my perfect cake!

hello nails XD

this one is kinda too sweet for my taste..the coat that is =_=
but i think for other people this is not too sweet hehe
A combination of milk and dark Valrhona chocolate mousse between layers of chocolate cake and coated with our own homemade chocolate brilliant sauce.

P235 / P710 / P1,435

me hehehe stolen shot

the one in the most left is Babylon
i also tried it, its heavenly and will surely cheer you up in a gloomy day :">
Light raspberry mousse between layers of almond infused sponge with a creme brulee surprise.
P195 / P545 / P1,330

i also tried the Tiramisu its not too sweet just the right hint of sugar
A layer of an exquisite coffee liqueur blend in between bands of chocolate cake and Mascarpone cheese, sprayed with pure cocoa liqueur.
P225 / P635 / P1,330

yapari..just as i thought my taste for food is not 100% pinoy :( 
i hate spaghetti that is sweet like jolibee
i go for italian resto OMG i am O_O oh well. . .expensive taste buds ahaha! my wallet huhu T^T lolz but hey i love Adobo, Pinakbet, Chicken Curry my mom pinoy style, Sopas, etc.

i dont like anything sour and salty like Sinigang and too sweet food like this fish dish mom makes with orange sauce and bell pepper GOD bell pepper no no no! yada! forgot the dish name :P everyone have different taste with food, style, movies, everything ;)

jetam, my Macaron de Paris ♥
i know that this is not too easy to make and it takes a lot of effort and its suppperrrr YUM!
i will envade another macaron place soon but not bizu the other one bwahahah! when i get the chance hihi

kawaiii neehh~

gulps! oh this taste odd but is okei so creamy =3

while i was eating this i had mixed emotions ahahaha!

anyway my fave flavor is chocolate macaron
my sis zai loves lemon anything with lemon eekk
mina loves strawberries ichigo des
tim loves mangoes :)

Next Time i will try. . .
Jolie Sugarless & Flourless
Jolie Sugarless & Flourless
Sugarless and flourless chocolate Kahlua mousse cake with hazelnuts and special chiboust cream.

P295 / P795 / P1,735

i recommend this place :D i love how quiet and relaxing it is ^^ and i will surely come visit again :)

How about you ladies what is your favorite pastry place?

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