Hello There Darkness Side

When i was bored, i did these, apparently i had so much time before for this kind of things. Anyway saw this pics and i thought on sharing it with ya gals, the person in the pic is me, i used Photoshop to edit. Halloween is near ;)

Did this one couple of years ago i cant remember what year exactly, maybe 2005 or 2006?
Did not find the original photo

it will be more fearsome if i removed my glasses lol but oh well..
We Are Here To Take Over Your Planet, me and my assistant lolz

did this in 5-10min, was just tripping around hehe.
placed couple of brushes on my face, and a black marble ball on my eyes, as well some shadowing and thats all i think

in case u want to see the original photo (click to enlarge)

If You have a scary photo of your self, leave me the link below :))
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