Human Nature Sunflower Oil and Super Fruits Scrub

Human Nature Sunflower Beauty Oil

Do you believe in miracles? Feel the years fall away as your premium beauty oil caress the tired skin under and around your eyes, helping minimize dark circles, remove fine lines and smooth out wrinkles with every gliding touch.

Php119.75 / $2.75 (Very Affordable!)

Radiant, soft skin touched by the sun! Our premium, cosmetic-grade Sunflower Beauty oil is packed with vitamins A, D & E to help fight wrinkles and naturally protect skin from infections and irritants. Best applied to the sensitive under-eye area. Many customers, including our Global Ambassador, Hollywood actress Rachel Grant, use this a make-up remover too. And due to Sunflower oil's properties, it can also help lighten dark circles under eyes and even stretch marks with daily use! A final tip - Rachel Grant likes to take a drop of it, rub it all over her palms then run her hands through her hair to add healthy-looking shine and vigor to her hair every morning. Is there anything our Beauty Oil can't do?!

How did i use it: 
-My lips (it does the job although kinda greasy so i apply i really small amount)
-Stretch Marks (lessened it although i dont use this regularly) i use this twice a week and my mark on my chest is almost gone :">
-Underarms (i rarely do this though coz i always forget) i think it helped
-Scars (super rarely although i heard that using this on a new scar as a healer is really amazing)
-Hair (will replace my old oil and use this, its not as sticky as Vitress or a Gel but with my super curly hair it does half the job on straight to normal hair it will work great)
-Eye bags (i dont use this with it i have Garnier and Nivea visage)
-Eyelashes (im planning to use this as a mascara remover and also for improving my eyelashes growth will see)

the Sun Flower All Around Oil is A MUST HAVE for me! i have no Cons for this product ;D

AS FOR THE SCRUB i am super regretting it! it smells like ugh some expired food :( i cant use it my nose is really sensitive!

Where to Buy? You can buy this if your in Philippines or even abroad 
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